Free travel and resort stay - selected 'cause i was their customer : WOW! Don't even know who they are.. neither do they know who I'm! But they select

Refund because the technical support is being suspended : The Indian accented caller said there is a refund of $350 on my annual tech support fee beca

Your CHASE BANK VISA DEBIT Card is Locked. 239-666-2471 : Fraud message to induce you to call the scammer who is posing as Chase Bank customer support

AMG & Associates? They have been calling my relatives & lying to them : The caller identifies themselves as AMG & Associates and have been calling my

Email from Briggs Law Firm alleging I owe money and need to pay $1250 : I received an email addressing me by name alleging I had past due to a loan co

sears credit card - important information from sears credit card : I received a call from this number about my sears credit card, they leave a messag

few silent calls and then I could hear a recording soliciting donation : Scammers have set up this robocall... calls random numbers and claiming to be

Brian Jones, Financial Fraud investigation department. Legal Complaint : Its a recording stating that his name is federal officer Brian Johns, we have

3215575114 His goggle account is he says hes out of Washington dc phone number is 202-6490117 ext. # 2458 he has a pers

4255637928 Automated call asking to answers some survey questions : Computer call.. automated robo calling numbers at random. Doesn't leave any mes

3172498079 Can you hear me okay? It's an artificial assistant : Not a human..though it sounds quite like one! Waits for your answer after asking "

8003115947 IRS - My mom is 83 years old and gets this kind of crap all the time : They only give phone number say they are IRS and willing to file

9523924407 Fake call. Called the real IRS. They did confirm that this was a scam : Called from Minneapolis, MN. Stated that the IRS is filing a law

4013759123 Somone has Filed a complaint on me #401-375-9123 : Said a complaint has been filed on me

6144945266 Emily the Artificial Travel Assistant with headset problem : Emily Says sorry... I was having a little problem with my headset!. And the

7028038238 holiday sweepstakes - scam number 702-803-8238 : they say you won the sweepstakes and have a consumer protection bureau guy call but tha