Phone: 8574028583 HEAT 107 Radio Station Trivia Cruise Contest

State: Massachusetts
Phone Type: LANDLINE


10 Responses:
Comment: 6288994770 Heard about the quality music and awesome giveaways on this station. Happy to see the hype was true.
Eugene Buchanan

Comment: 3179618907 I am not giving up yet! Come on Heat 107! Let me try again!!
Scott Harrison

Comment: 4404550024 My boy just sent me over this link for Heat 107 radio trivia contest Should I call? Anyone done this before?
Julian Hunt

Comment: 5738789120 Went to the website and clicked on online will call to get my tix emailed. I am so excited to take this cruise.
Percy Ortiz

Comment: 8729038127 Woohoo! Bahamas here I come! Thanks so much HEAT107! My new official favorite station.
Carol Ballard

Comment: 5046415706 Never thought that I would win a free cruise and I was still a little nervous that it was a scam. I decided to call the cruise line and they verified that Heat 107 is on the up and up. Guess I will be taking that cruise after all!
Theodore Rogers

Comment: 7258009237 Is this a scam? Can someone let me know.
Monica Riley

Comment: 4126310109 For the life of me I don’t know how they got my number, but I could use a trip to the Bahamas so we will see how this goes.
Cory Steele

Comment: 8328359940 my dad signed me up for the trivia game, I could have killed him, but then I won. Thanks dad!
Conrad Keller

Comment: 8574028583 What’s the deal with this trivia contest from Heat 107? Is there some kind of catch?
Jody Owens

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