Phone: 3143840120 Watt 94 Radio Station Trivia Cruise Contest

CALLER ID: Saint Louis, MO
State: Missouri
Phone Type: LANDLINE

Tags: Watt 94 FM,, Radio, Trivia, Cruise, Contest

10 Responses:
Comment: 4404061386 Called in from a call to my cell phone. Definitely wasn’t sure but I can’t believe I actually got two free tickets! I’ve been dying to go on a cruise forever.

Comment: 8166231335 What happens if I won the cruise but I can’t go?
Rudolph Walker

Comment: 9806774572 Seriously stoked about this contest! I’ve never been to the Bahamas and neither has my man. I’m surprising him for our anniversary

Comment: 8169883649 Why are the lines always busy?? I got a call 20 minutes later to play trivia but I missed a question. How can I play again?
Naomi Hale

Comment: 3136350404 Why did I get this call? I don’t know, but I’m glad I did! Won a free cruise to the Bahamas!
Clayton Erickson

Comment: 2166091501 Never believed in a thousand years that I would be lucky enough to win a free cruise! But I was!
Sheldon Stephens

Comment: 6827389130 I called this phone number back trying to see what the trivia thing is all about. Anyone know how it works?
Felicia Keller

Comment: 4128328517 After calling multiple times I finally got the trivia line and ended scored a trip for 2 to the Bahamas from
Mack Graves

Comment: 7252667960 Called the cruise company to make sure the cruise I just was awarded on WATT 94 was not a scam. After speaking to their representative they confirmed the station as a business partner and told me to visit
Christine Ellis

Comment: 3143840120 What’s the deal with this trivia contest from Watt 94? Is there some kind of catch?
Lorenzo Moore

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