Phone: 2027981626

CALLER ID: Beltsville, DC
State: Washington DC
Phone Type: LANDLINE


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Comment: 16786494199 Rebecca Crosby - asking to call her 1-678-649-4199 : call from Rebecca Crosby stating she is from the fraud division and that me or my attorney need to contact her today or possible legal case against
Wallace Obrien

Comment: 3027500550 Credit card debt reduction - automated phone call #302-750-0550 : This was an automated call offering to reduce credit card debt... no name of the company offering the service.. very sketchy
Diane Sims

Comment: 2094002150 Robo call instructing to call back with case # and make a payment : The caller did not id itself .. there was a mention of a debt settlement (wow! I haven't settled any debt recently!!) ..I need to call and pay up... gave case number too
Bert Potter

Comment: 4702506014 Automated recording - unsolicited telemarketing home security systems : #470-250-6014 automated calls selling unwanted home security devices. As if it's free.. needs you address to send to you.. They should have my address if someone has ordered it fo
Antoinette Hayes

Comment: 9852721377 Extended warranty for my car. SCAm.. robocalls random numbers : These scammers are calling phone numbers at random.. they don't have a shortlist of people who may need to get their warranty extended.. since internet calls are free.. scammers
Tammy Gross

Comment: 9412292082 Your vehicle warranty is expiring.. press #1 to extend your warranty : Extended warranty scam. My car warranty would last 6 months more! Obviously they don't know anything about me or my car...
Gina Quinn

Comment: 5132268808 Credit card debt relief offer 513-226-8808 : To talk to a financial advisor to help reduce my debt. BS!
Pam Osborne

Comment: 9412848772 Vacation Giveaway - free stay at an Orlando Resort! : Wow! I've been "selected" for a free Orlando Holiday! I need to attend a presentation and I would be presented the free travel vouchers ... click #1 to receive the invite!
Vivian Rodriquez

Comment: 6065178936 Recorded message posing as the IRS - threatening arrest : IRS arrest threat. Voice message ..thick accent.. stinking scam! Attempting to scare people and make them send money to the scam team
Wilma Morris

Comment: 3013290898 Credit card services - robocall. they would have my interest slashed : Interest rate reduction scam. Automated stuff.. totally illegal to call cell phone on Do Not Call Registry. They are a scam.. that's certain
Lena Moody

Comment: 5132680342 I had stayed at their resort and hence won a free vacation : Telemarketing scam ..possibly timeshare.. Announces you won free stay at some resort because you stayed with them previously. I don't even know who they are!
Lillie Barker

Comment: 8773604301 It is important that we speak with you regards to whereabouts : Beware! 8773604301.. extortion call trying to scare people. By the way, they picked the wrong guy! I don't know any Warner Smith! "This message is regarding our location
Josefina Andrews

Comment: GLS - could not confirm what call was for : I call back jessica answers but could not confirm what call was for. I contacted them with different numbers and each time they would hang up. Voice mail is for a powell
Abraham Warren

Comment: 18153742960 I don't know - they just keep calling 1-815-374-2960 : They just keep calling even after request to stop
Manuel Bailey

Comment: 9145674141 National Student Loan Release Center. Eligible for more than 60% off! : "Hi this is the National Student Loan Release Center. Your account is back for a loan forgiveness program you're eligible to receive more than 60% off of your monthly federal stude
Silvia Stevenson

Comment: 8445061287 If the debt wasn't paid off they were going to garnish my wages : 8445061287 Stated I owed money and that if the debt wasn't paid off they were going to garnish my wages and/or take 25% of my money in my bank until dues were paid.
Alonzo Nichols

Comment: 2282000276 Officially served? saying I was being sued for over 2000 dollars : Received call saying I was being sued for over 2000.00 dollars ,officially served and will come to employment to be served.
Sharon Wells

Comment: 12067929859 NTS IT CARE. caller said my computer is hacked and my email id misused : claims my email address is being used overseas in 4 countries to scam
Shawn Stewart

Comment: A&T & Associates? Asking to return call or summons will be served : To return call on or before 7pm to settle. or summons will be served in residence or place of employment
Doris Lamb

Comment: Brian Jones, Financial Fraud investigation department. Legal Complaint : Its a recording stating that his name is federal officer Brian Johns, we have received a legal complaint under your name and it will be downloaded to your local sheriff department.
Lana Nguyen

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